ATTENTION: Halloween Vigilance

Some residents will remember last Halloween and the trouble experienced in Greenfields.  A bonfire was erected on the green area at the end of Greenfields adjacent to the Tramore Road where serious anti-social behaviour including loud noise, public urination, intimidation of residents and under-age drinking occurred.  Noel Frisy (Frisby Construction), Cllr. Seamus Ryan (Waterford City Council), the Gardai, Waterford Fire Station and Waterford City Council were all contacted earlier on the day and made aware of the incident that was unfolding in our estate.  The efforts of the Greenfields Residents Association and affected residents culminated in two fire engines being required and numerous Garda patrol cars in order to extinguish the bonfire and disperse the crowd, predominantly teenagers who had been dropped off by car in Greenfields.

Incidents like this cannot take place this year and it is the aim of the Greenfields Residents Association to be proactive to ensure there is not a repeat of last year’s events. Residents are therefore encouraged to be extra vigilant this year. In particular, residents are encouraged to monitor activity and the collection of waste near the green area at the end of the estate adjacent to the Tramore Road. In addition, residents are asked to act responsibly and dispose of waste legally by availing of Waterford City Council’s Bulky Goods Collection (051-849563) and to refrain from leaving wheelie bins or other material out overnight as they may be used to start bonfires. If you are concerned about waste being stored in a nearby area, please report it anonymously to the Waterford City Council Enforcement Team (051–849563).

Useful Contacts for the Halloween Period:

  • Waterford Garda Station 051 – 305300
  • Waterford Fire Station 051 – 309982
  • Waterford City Council 051 – 309900
  • Cllr. Seamus Ryan 087 – 6805314


The Greenfields Residents Association wish all residents and especially the young children of the estate a very happy and safe Halloween.  Should you wish to contact the Greenfields Neighbourhood Watch Team please contact either  0879762955 or 0868187202.  Please note that members of the Greenfields Residents Association and Neighbourhood Watch Team will be actively patrolling the estate over the coming days and the Halloween weekend.

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