Estate Clean-up Day 04.11.12

The Greenfields Residents Association supported by Waterford City Council plan to have an estate Clean-up Day Sunday 4th November from 12pm – 1pm. This is a great opportunity to lend a hand to ensure our estate is well maintained and presented. Residents will be meeting at No. 1 Beech Court (near the entrance of theContinue reading “Estate Clean-up Day 04.11.12”

Halloween Contact Numbers

The Greenfields Residents Association wish all residents and especially the young children of the estate a very happy and safe Halloween. To ensure that this year’s Halloween period is safe and fun for all, the Greenfields Residents Association will be actively monitoring and patrolling the estate and surrounding areas over the coming days and forContinue reading “Halloween Contact Numbers”

Halloween Waste

Around this time every year Waterford City Council receive an increasing number of calls about waste being collected and stored for Halloween bonfires. This waste can be anything from wooden pallets to tyres, mattresses, couches, etc.  If you are concerned about waste being stored in the Greenfields area, please report it to the Waterford CityContinue reading “Halloween Waste”

Neighbourhood Watch Alert!

Over the last number of weeks there has been a large group of teenagers loitering in and around the Greenfields area. This group have been causing a lot of noise, disruption and partaking in anti-social behaviour i.e. throwing ‘bangers’ into residents gardens / at houses, breaking in side gates etc. In particular, this group ofContinue reading “Neighbourhood Watch Alert!”