Water Metering

15 05 2013

Waterford City Council and other Local Authorities are undertaking a survey of its water asset, in order to gather information to support the roll-out of water meters for domestic consumers. The survey involves a council employee carrying out a visual examination of the service connection/stop-cock at each property on the public water network. This will determine, in advance, if your home is likely to be suitable for a meter to be installed and, if so, the degree of work required during the installation of the meter.

It is only the connection from the public mains to the household that will be surveyed, and accordingly;

  • The surveyor does not require access past the property fenceline or entrance gate.
  • The surveyor will not be calling to doors or otherwise seeking access to property.
  • It is not intended to survey connections to Group Water Schemes, or any other location where there is no public supply, e.g. properties served by private wells.

Surveyors will carry identification, including a phone number and if you are in doubt about the identity of a person claiming to be from Waterford City Council, you can contact the number at the bottom of the page to verify the person’s identity.  Surveyors are equipped with hand held devices to carry out the survey, and the survey will include the taking of a photograph of the location of the service connection. The taking of a photograph is necessary to facilitate the installation work. The photograph is intended to show the location of the stopcock (a valve located in water pipes) relative to the property. The taking of such photographs will be un-intrusive and will respect your right to privacy.

The survey duration will be very short in most cases, and so the surveyor will not usually be outside a property for more than 5 minutes, and generally a lot less. There will be no interruption to your water supply during the survey.  Householders will be notified in advance of the installation of meters – the installation work will commence in mid-2013.  Many countries have found meters to be the fairest way of charging for water and the best way to improve the efficiency of a water network. You will not be asked to pay any water charges before 2014.

For more information please contact the Water Services Drinking Water Section of Waterford City Council is 051 849562.

Source: http://www.waterfordcity.ie

Estate Clean-up Evening 08.05.13

2 05 2013

As part of this years Pride of Place Competition, the Greenfields Residents Association supported by Waterford City Council plan to have an estate Clean-up Evening on Wednesday 8th May from 6.30 – 7.30pm. This is a great opportunity to lend a hand to ensure our estate is well maintained and presented.

Residents will be meeting at No. 1 Beech Court (near the entrance of the estate) at 6.30pm. Bags, pickers and gloves will be provided.  All motorists are asked to pay particular attention and reduce speed on the day to ensure we have a safe Clean-up Day for all.

Summer Newsletter

1 05 2013

Circulating this week to all residents is the Summer 2013 edition of the GRA Newsletter.  In the Summer edition find out how the Local Property Tax will impact you, how you can become involved in this years Pride of Place Competition and read some of the concerns raised by residents.

If you would like to download a copy of the GRA Newsletter then simply click on the link below.