The Greenfields Residents Association was established to promote the interests of all residents in Greenfields.  We aim to represent the views of all residents and to make the area a better, safer, cleaner and more enjoyable place to live. All residents are encourage to become actively involved to ensure our neighbourhood remains a place people want to live.


Chairperson:  John Power

Vice Chairperson:  Thomas Doyle

Secretary:  Vacant

Treasurer:  Maria Aylward

Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinator:  John Power


The objectives of the association are:

  • To promote the interests of all residents in Greenfields
  • To represent the views of the above people
  • To promote social activities for all members of the community
  • To make the area a better, safer, cleaner and happier place to live
  • To work with and assist in the work of the local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
  • The association shall remain non-political
  • To promote the work of the group, and by keeping the residents informed of its activities
  • To develop and review an annual list of objectives so that the group remains clear in what it is trying to achieve

We are always looking for additional members. Would you like to get involved? Simply get in touch.

Membership of the association is open, regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality, age and/or disability to all residents of Greenfields.

Please note each household shall be limited to one vote only.

Should you wish to contact any member of the Committee then please contact us by e.mail at or alternatively use the contact us form in the menu above.

“Working together we can ensure Greenfields is a community with heart.”

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