Maintenance Fees Now Due

Thank you to the 57 households (19 from Beech Court, 6 from Beech Park, 14 from Beech Grove and 18 from Beech Drive) that have so far (up to 22 July 2020) paid the €30 maintenance fee to keep our green areas cut and tidy.

Contributions from all households are required to ensure green areas are cut throughout the year. At present the residents association do not have enough contributions to sustain the cutting of the green areas for the full year.

Please note that all monies collected will only be used for the maintenance of our estate. Any surplus collected will be used for additional maintenance such as weeding, pruning of trees etc. in agreement with residents. However, the priority remains to ensure green areas are cut and well maintained.

To pay maintenance fees before 31 August 2020 please click here.

Littering issue in Greenfields

Over the last number of week the amount of litter in and around Greenfields has become a cause for concern.

All residents are reminded to secure wheelie bins. Parents are asked to remind their children to not leave rubbish on green areas and footpaths. Homeowners and landlords are asked to attend to and maintain the areas in close proximity to their property.

And finally to dog owners – If you go to the bother of picking up your dogs poop in a bag please bring the bag home with you. Do not dispose of the bag in the estate shrub bed and green spaces.

Maintenance Fees 2020

Maintenance fees for grass cutting are due now. For 2020, the Greenfields Residents Association are looking for a contribution of €30 per household. This equates to less than 0.58 cent per week per household to keep our green areas cut and tidy. Payment can be made here before 31 August 2020.

Myrtle Landscaping have been contracted to maintain the green areas and open spaces for 2020. They will commence cutting the green areas from July 2020. If you have any questions about the 2020 Maintenance Fees please email

GRA Meeting 28.05.20

The Greenfields Residents Association will hold an important meeting at 7pm on Thursday, 28 May 2020. In line with social distancing regulations this meeting will take place online via Zoom (please see meeting invitation details below).

Residents are encouraged to attend this meeting as our Committee wish to share some important information regarding the ongoing maintenance of our estate. Recently, the Greenfields Residents Association were informed by Noel Frisby Construction Ltd. that they are no longer in a position to maintain our estate. This includes the cutting of green areas.

Currently, the Greenfields Residents Association are liaising with Noel Frisby Construction Ltd., Waterford City & County Council and elected representatives for Waterford City South.

Views from residents are being sought regarding the next steps you wish your Committee to take. We hope many residents will be able to take part in our scheduled meeting this week. 

Zoom Meeting Access Details

  • Meeting ID: 715 7187 6542
  • Password: 1CY6A8

To access or download Zoom please visit To download the Zoom App please visit the App Store or Google Play. To attend the meeting please enter the meeting ID and password above.

Important News

Dear Residents,

The Greenfields Residents Association have been informed by Frisby Construction that they are no longer in a position to maintain our estate. This includes the cutting of green areas.

Please be assured that your Committee are working to resolve this issue and have already contacted Frisby Construction and Waterford City & County Council.

An update will be issued to all residents in due course and a virtual residents meeting will be scheduled to discuss this matter and to agree next steps.

In the meantime we would ask all residents to try and maintain the small green area’s proximate to your house.


Greenfields Residents Committee

Weed Spraying

The Greenfield Residents Association are looking for volunteers!

As you may have noticed weeds are growing along kerb sides and between paving stones on footpaths around the estate.  The Greenfields Residents Association have a number of weed sprayers available.  If you wish to volunteer we can arrange to supply you with a sprayer and weed killer solution.  Please note that we cannot provide a weed sprayer to anyone under 18 years of age.

If you are interested please email your details to indicating a time which suits to arrange delivery of a sprayer and solution and the area you intend to spray for weeds.