Car Parking Concerns

Residents are kindly asked to be considerate of others needs when parking in the estate.  Currently, cars are being parked on junctions, bends and green areas.  Parking on junctions and bend impairs other driver’s vision and acts as a serious safety hazard for motorists and pedestrians, especially small children.

Parking on green areas damages public spaces, causing potholes which can injure children playing in these areas, and is an obstruction to grass cutting and green area maintenance.

Residents are also asked to ensure that guests are utilising visitor spaces provided around the estate when visiting.


One thought on “Car Parking Concerns

  1. Cars parking on both sides of the road near the end of Beech Drive are making it impossible to get up and down the road. People should have more respect and use the car park spaces and not half park on the road and on the foothpath.

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