Old Tramore Road Closed Until June

Waterford City Council intend to keep the Old Tramore Road closed until June 10th 2011 to faciliate the progress of works.  In accordance with Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, it is proposed to temporarily close the Old Tramore Road from 7.00pm on Thursday 5th May until 7.00pm Friday 10th June 2011 inclusive, to facilitate the Road Improvement Scheme.

Diversion – L1020 Old Tramore Road from the Couse Bridge Roundabout to the entrance to Greenfields Estate.

Alternative Routes:


Couse Bridge Roundabout – R 710 Outer Ring Road – Ballindud Roundabout – R675 Tramore Road –Tramore Road Roundabout– R709 Inner Ring Road– L1020 Old Tramore Road.


L1020 Old Tramore Road – R709 Inner Ring Road – Tramore Road Roundabout – R675 Tramore Road– Ballindud Roundabout –R710 Outer Ring Road – Couse Bridge Roundabout.

Access for residents will be maintained.

Any person who may have concerns may lodge an objection to this temporary road closure by contacting Waterford City Council no later than Tuesday 19th April 2011.


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