Say NO! to Junk Mail

The Greenfields Residents Association is committed to reducing waste and encouraging all households to think and act responsibly to reduce waste.  Every week a large amount of unwanted and often unsolicited junk mail is distributed to all households in our estate.

Therefore, to combat this problem and to reduce waste the Greenfields Residents Association will be distributing a “NO JUNK MAIL” self-adhesive sticker to every household in Greenfields over the coming days.  Please place this sticker on your letter/post box.  Not only will this stop unwanted mail but will help you reduce your waste cost over the year.


One thought on “Say NO! to Junk Mail

  1. Dear residents,

    My team and I were in Greenfields tonight distributing my Summer/Autumn Newsletter. As I went through the estate I noticed all the Junk Mail stickers on the letterboxes. One gentleman (whom I can’t remember the name of) came out and said that the Residents Association had launched a campaign to stop unsolicited Junk Mail and that sometimes people dropping early in the mornings were checking door handles etc. For starters I was not made aware of this initiative which I think is quite good. As I explained to him, firstly I don’t consider an information newsletter which I spent over a month compiling for the benefit of all residents in Waterford City South to be junk mail and secondly I stated that I had no other way of communicating with residents. When I stood for election over two years ago as a 21 year old, the thing that was put to me the most was that ‘yee politicans are all the same and we only see you at election time!’ and the one promise I made was that wouldn’t be the case with me; that I would keep residents informed about what is happening in their areas to the best of my ability which I have done, especially in relation to the Old Tramore Road for which I got very positive feedback.

    If you could get me the email address of all the residents in the estate I would be more than happy to circulate my future newsletters as a pdf and it would also save my legs & paper! I also suggested that this item be raised at your next residents association meeting and that I would be more than happy to attend for that topic because as a Public Representative I feel obliged to work to the best of my ability for all estates and areas in my constituency and most importantly to keep in touch and keep residents up to date with what is happening locally.

    Also as an aside; I sent a friend request to the Greenfields facebook page a number of months ago and it is still pending, perhaps this could be another way to communicate but then again not everyone is on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you on this and as I said I would be more than happy to attend your next meeting to discuss how to proceed into the future because I intend representing the area for a long time to come.

    Kind regards,
    Cllr. John Cummins
    34 Ursuline Court,

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