Neighbourhood Watch Alert!

Over the last number of weeks there has been a large group of teenagers loitering in and around the Greenfields area. This group have been causing a lot of noise, disruption and partaking in anti-social behaviour i.e. throwing ‘bangers’ into residents gardens / at houses, breaking in side gates etc.

In particular, this group of teenagers seem to gathering near the small green area at the junction of Beech Drive/Beech Park (on the small wall). The majority of the this group do not live in Greenfields nor do they realise they are on CCTV in this area.

With the Halloween period approaching, all residents are encouraged to please report such behaviour and this group to the Gardai should you notice them. Waterford Garda Station can be contacted 24 hours on 051 305339 or on 051 305300 and will attend to the estate in a patrol car to move on this group and to take any necessary action in relation to anti-social behaviour/vandalism.


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