Maintenance Fees Now Due

Thank you to the 57 households (19 from Beech Court, 6 from Beech Park, 14 from Beech Grove and 18 from Beech Drive) that have so far (up to 22 July 2020) paid the €30 maintenance fee to keep our green areas cut and tidy.

Contributions from all households are required to ensure green areas are cut throughout the year. At present the residents association do not have enough contributions to sustain the cutting of the green areas for the full year.

Please note that all monies collected will only be used for the maintenance of our estate. Any surplus collected will be used for additional maintenance such as weeding, pruning of trees etc. in agreement with residents. However, the priority remains to ensure green areas are cut and well maintained.

To pay maintenance fees before 31 August 2020 please click here.


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