Thank You

The Greenfields Residents Association wish to thank Waterford City Council, Noel Frisby Construction, Cllr. Seamus Ryan, the Gardai and all residents of Greenfields for their efforts over the Halloween period.

Many thanks to Waterford City Council who provided an enforcement team to collect bonfire material from the estate and to Noel Frisby Construction for providing additional private security for the estate for the full duration of the Halloween weekend.  Sincere thanks to Cllr. Seamus Ryan for lobbying our concerns at Council level and for personally visiting the estate over the weekend.  Many thanks to the Waterford Gardai for frequenting Greenfields over the weekend and for maintaining a visible presence in an effort to discourage anti-social behaviour.

And finally, many thanks to all residents of Greenfields.  Your vigilance and efforts over the Halloween period show a strong sense of community whichwe all should be proud of.


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