Register of Electors

Are you on the Register of Electors? You can check at Waterford City Council, Garda Stations, Libraries, Post Offices and on-line at

If not, there is still time to apply for inclusion in the Supplement and vote at the referendums.

The referendums on Judges Pay, Houses of the Oireachtas Inquiries and the Irish Presidential Election will take place on Thursday, 27th October 2011. You must be an Irish citizen, ordinarily resident in the constituency, and 18 years or over on polling day to vote in the referendums.  You cannot vote unless you are on the Register of Electors. To get on the supplement to the register you must satisfy the requirements set out above. If you are on the register and have moved address recently, you may apply to get on the supplement at your new address.

For more information please visit and to check if you are on the Register of Electors click here.


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