Weed Spraying

The Greenfield Residents Association are looking for volunteers! As you may have noticed weeds are growing along kerb sides and between paving stones on footpaths around the estate.  The Greenfields Residents Association have a number of weed sprayers available.  If you wish to volunteer we can arrange to supply you with a sprayer and weedContinue reading “Weed Spraying”

EPA App “See it? Say it!” for iPhone

The EPA App for iPhones called See it? Say it! allows you to report environmental pollution. Using the App you can now take a photograph of the pollution incident, input GPS location coordinates, add a summary description of what you want to convey and your contact details and this will automatically be sent to theContinue reading “EPA App “See it? Say it!” for iPhone”

New Waterford Council Website

As part of the amalgamation of Waterford City Council and Waterford County Council, a joint website has been established and is in operation from today, June 3rd. Information prior to this date will remain on http://www.waterfordcity.ie for a period of 3 months and thereafter will be wound down. All information that is still relevant willContinue reading “New Waterford Council Website”

New Street Garden Project

The New Street Gardens project is about bringing greenery and life back into a vacant and disused space in Waterford City. New St. was chosen in particular for a two reasons. First is its proximity to the main st in Waterford ie Michael St. Secondly it happens to lie in a part of Waterford, whichContinue reading “New Street Garden Project”

New Community Tourism Initiative

Waterford City Council recently launched a new Community Tourism Initiative for the Diaspora which seeks to build on the legacy of The Gathering 2013. The Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Michael Ring TD, officially launched the initiative, a joint partnership between Fáilte Ireland, IPB Insurance and the 34 Local Authorities, to provide anContinue reading “New Community Tourism Initiative”

Be Winter Ready

Severe weather challenges all of us. Activities that we take for granted can become difficult or even hazardous when severe weather occurs. However, by taking some simple steps you can reduce the impact of such events. Prepared by the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning, the Winter-Ready Booklet gives information on being prepared for winterContinue reading “Be Winter Ready”

Water Service Interruption

Waterford City Council wish to advise that due to emergency repairs to a burst on the drinking water network, there may be temporary interruptions tomorrow Saturday 9th November 2013 from 6am to 6pm to the drinking water supply serving the following general area namely from Kilcohan Greyhound Stadium to Bracken Drive and including Ursuline Crescent, Cherrymount, Kilcohan Park, Prospect Mews, Avondale, Saint Herblain Park,Continue reading “Water Service Interruption”

Halloween Contact Numbers

The Greenfields Residents Association wish all residents and especially the young children of the estate a very happy and safe Halloween. To ensure that this year’s Halloween period is safe and fun for all, the Greenfields Residents Association will be actively monitoring and patrolling the estate and surrounding areas over the coming days and forContinue reading “Halloween Contact Numbers”

Halloween Waste

Around this time every year Waterford City Council receive an increasing number of calls about waste being collected and stored for Halloween bonfires. This waste can be anything from wooden pallets to tyres, mattresses, couches, etc.  If you are concerned about waste being stored in the Greenfields area, please report it to the Waterford CityContinue reading “Halloween Waste”

Home Security Initiative

A new Home Security initiative has been launched in association with Waterford Community Police, the Sacred Heart Community Action Group and the Sustainable Neighbourhood Unit Waterford City Council.  If you would like to make your home more secure you can obtain a chain lock and spy hole for your front door.  These items are ofContinue reading “Home Security Initiative”