Home Security Initiative

A new Home Security initiative has been launched in association with Waterford Community Police, the Sacred Heart Community Action Group and the Sustainable Neighbourhood Unit Waterford City Council.  If you would like to make your home more secure you can obtain a chain lock and spy hole for your front door.  These items are of top quality and have been sourced through a reputable security firm and are Garda approved.

Should you wish to obtain a chain lock and spy hole the Greenfields Residents Association can provide you with these two items for a cost of €20.00 per set. Please note that if the occupants of the household are elderly the local Care and Repair programme will install these items free of charge. However, this offer is open to all households in Greenfields for only €20.00.

To register your interest and to obtain a chain lock and spy hole set today please email your details to greenfieldswaterford@live.com and a member of ther Greenfields Residents Association will be in touch to collect money and to deliver the products to your home.


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