Halloween Waste

Around this time every year Waterford City Council receive an increasing number of calls about waste being collected and stored for Halloween bonfires. This waste can be anything from wooden pallets to tyres, mattresses, couches, etc.  If you are concerned about waste being stored in the Greenfields area, please report it to the Waterford City Council Enforcement Team by phoning 051 849563 or emailing environservices@waterfordcity.ie

This is especially important in the days leading up to Halloween, as the waste that is accumulating could be used to build a bonfire. The Waterford City Council Enforcement Team uses Waste Management Acts 1996 – 2005 and the Waste Management (Prohibition of Waste Disposal by Burning) Regulations 2009 to prevent waste collecting and being burned. Over the coming weeks, any households that are illegally storing waste in their gardens will be asked to remove the waste and dispose of it appropriately.

Should material builds up on green areas before Halloween, Waterford City Council staff will remove this material.  Additionally members of the Greenfields Residents Association and the Greenfields Neighbourhood Watch Team will be actively monitoring the Greenfields area over the Halloween period, reporting any buid up of material to Waterford City Council and An Garda Siochana.

Source: Waterford City Council / GRA


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