New Street Garden Project

The New Street Gardens project is about bringing greenery and life back into a vacant and disused space in Waterford City. New St. was chosen in particular for a two reasons. First is its proximity to the main st in Waterford ie Michael St.

Secondly it happens to lie in a part of Waterford, which for a number of reasons in recent years has progressively deteriorated and come to look neglected. Building a park in an empty lot on New St. would be a great start in regenerating the area. We would encourage people living and working in the area to get involved at different stages of the garden’s development.

This sense of ownership will, we believe, generate a positivity and pride in the community and city. We would encourage a nationwide interest in New Street Gardens to show what can be achieved in bringing green areas and life into an unused urban space, an idea which can be replicated right across the country. Also, we would hope the project will raise a positive profile of Waterford as a city which is innovative and progressive thinking in terms of dealing with the relevant issue of how to re-energise vacant and disused spaces.

In terms of structures, we are building a performance stage and a film screening area in the gardens. We also are inviting gardening groups to get involved and show how to build and tend a community garden. We would like New St. Gardens to be used as a platform for interested individuals to get involved and collaborate on what really is a very interesting and worthwhile project. We welcome a submission of ideas on what people envisage for the space and look for any willing and able volunteers to help with the project.

Any further queries please contact Edel Tobin on (087) 7624397.

Source: New Street Gardens Waterford


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