Disposal of Christmas Trees

Many of us will have a Christmas tree glittering in our window this festive season but what do we do with it once the celebrations are over?  A real Christmas tree is a living resource which can be composted, whereas a plastic tree consists of metal and plastic materials, which cannot be broken down naturally. Waterford City Council would like to remind householders to recycle the thousands of Christmas trees across the city when it comes to the New Year.

Christmas trees can be brought free of charge to the Kilbarry Civic Amenity Site in Waterford City (11am-4pm Monday to Friday and 10am-2pm Saturdays) for recycling. Remember to remove all decorations, lights and stands from you tree before bringing it to the Kilbarry Civic Amenity Site as they can not be composted and damage the shredding equipment. The trees are shredded.  Or you can contact your bin collector to check if you can cut your tree into smaller pieces and dispose of it in your brown bin.

Trees should not be left at the gates of this facility outside of these designated times.

There will be no designated collection points for Christmas trees in the city. Anyone leaving a Christmas tree in a public place can be issued with a €150 litter fine. Any larger cardboard boxes that you can’t fit into your green bin can be brought to Kilbarry Civic Amenity Site free of charge, along with glass, aluminium cans,  clothes, cooking oil, engine oil, batteries, fluorescent lights and waste electronic and electrical equipment. Paint tins and aerosols can be disposed of here for the cost of a €2.50 bin tag for every 5 tins/aerosols.

For more information please contact Environmental Services, Waterford City Council on 051 849938.

Source: Waterford City Council


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