Waterford City Council is now an official alerter on This means that you can receive alerts directly from the Council as soon as they are issued through free of charge.

From the 3rd January 2012 Waterford City Council will be issuing Text Message, Email and Landline alerts for the following categories:

  • Water Service Alerts (SMS, Email and Landline alerts for Water Service Interruptions, Burst Mains or Boil Water Notification)
  • Scheduled Major Road Works and Road Closures (SMS and Email will include affected areas and offer advice on diversions)
  • Flood Alerts (If there is a risk of flooding for a specific area then you will receive SMS and Email alerts immediately)
  • Major Road Accidents and Incidents (This includes SMS and Email Alerts for major road accidents which will cause serious traffic disruption)
  • Bridge Lifts (Receive SMS and Email Alerts with the date and time of the next scheduled bridge lift on Rice Bridge)
  • Other Alerts (These will be used for local events in Waterford City, eg. Festivals, Parades, Spraoi, etc.)

When registering for you can identify both your Home and Work locations. This means that you will only receive relevant alerts related to the identified areas rather than alerts for all over the city. For example if you live in Greenfields and work in Ferrybank then you may receive alerts for both locations. However you will only receive alerts for which you have registered.

You can register by clicking here. Registration requires that you supply your mobile number and email address so that can deliver alerts to you. You also have the option of adding a Landline number  which will receive a recorded message.

Once you create your account you can always log in and change your setting. If you want to “unregister” for various alerts then this is easily carried out through your alert panel. Similarly if you change your home or work location then you use our interactive web map to accurately map your new location.  This is a free service which is provided by Waterford City Council and This means that there are no registration costs and there are no charges to receive SMS or Emails. Please note that the information that you provide will only be used in connection to supplying you with your chosen alerts.



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